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Daily GANA ADHIKAR – The Voice of People of Assam

An Introduction :

Daily GANA ADHIKAR – widely recognized as The Voice of People of Assam - is the fastest growing popular Assamese international size multi-color, broad-sheet daily NEWSPAPER with huge reach and rapidly growing committed Readership and online Followers across Assam , other six states of North-East India and beyond . . .

Launch of Daily Gana Adhikar’s digital contents on Facebook and consistent updates of our Digital web contents and editions, are attracting a new generation of followers hailing from the Assamese Diaspora spread across India and the world, professionals, youth, students and women hailing from a broad range of income and age categories.

Our highly acclaimed and popular products include both daily print media, online media contents besides a wide array of highly acclaimed and popular print products such as periodicals, hardcover and paperback books on special issues, special events and host of festivals such as Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid etc.

About Daily GANA ADHIKAR - The Voice of People of Assam

Daily GANA ADHIKAR - The Voice of People of Assam - is the fastest growing popular Assamese daily NEWSPAPER in Assam and Northeast India. Daily Gana Adhikar has huge reach and rapidly growing committed Readership and Followers across Assam and other six states of North-East India and beyond. With its own distinct style, design and contents, Daily Gana Adhikar offers a unique blend of daily news on Assam and its people, national news, international news, politics, culture and comment, opinion of people of Assam, drawing on the vast editorial resources of Daily Gana Adhikar.

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Daily Gana Adhikar : A proud history

Originally founded to keep the people of Assam informed about events in their state, region, country and world and to shape people’s opinion by people themselves, Daily Gana Adhikar started its print media journey for people as a fortnightly in 1994.

"We aim at presenting what is important to our people, best and most interesting in Daily Gana Adhikar. We endeavor to present news, information and opinion in our own unique, pro-people way which believes in the centrality of relevance, inter-connection and inter-relation, sensitivity and value of contents to our esteemed readership and online followers”.

Over the years, Daily Gana Adhikar has rapidly grown into a popular voice now rightly and popularly identified as an iconic voice of the people of Assam.

With ever growing demand from its readership across Assam, the NE region and beyond, it was finally decided to launch an international standard daily newspaper with news and opinions which focus on voice of people of Assam. Over the last two years, our expansion from daily newspaper to online web media and social media Facebook, has further boosted its printed circulation and helped create new pool of vibrant readership and followers.

Comprehensive India and Global Coverage

As well as containing a diverse range of hard news and opinions, Daily Gana Adhikar includes sections on science, music, movies , culture, book reviews etc.

Our weekly education supplement reports on the all important developments in education sectors of Assam and the world. In addition, we have special pages on movies, music and sports besides opinion pages which draws on contributions from a large network of informed readers and opinion makers.

Diverse Readership

Daily Gana Adhikar is read by more than 70,000 people across Assam and Northeast. Coming from all backgrounds and walks of life, Daily Gana Adhikar readers are often passionate and key contributors to society and opinion makers.

The class, age and income category are wide.

Our Digital editions and Facebook contents are qualitatively well ahead of our rivals in Assam in terms of daily number of visitors and followers.

How to get a Copy of Daily Gana Adhikar

  • You can subscribe to Daily Gana Adhikar today and receive a number of benefits:
  • A saving of up to 20% on the cover price
  • Free delivery of the paper to your door each week, where ever you are in Assam and Northeast India
  • Free access to the digital edition as soon as the paper hits the presses
  • Free access to the digital archive dating back to 2011
  • Money-back guarantee
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